Bosch KAD92HBFP American Style Fridge Freezer

Posted on: 30th May 2020

Bosch KAD92HBFP American Style Fridge Freezer Ice & Water - BLACK

Side-by-Side fridge freezer with innovative no-frost technology and cameras: the cameras in the fridge let you check the content of your fridge from wherever you are, whenever you want.
The A++ NoFrost side-by-side fridge-freezer with ice and water dispenser: cools very efficiently - refreshes you at the push of a button.

  • Smart Food Management, thanks to intelligent cameras in the fridge
  • Home Connect: home appliances with smart connectivity for an easier everyday life.
  • Extra Large size: provides much more space for your food.
  • MultiBox: transparent drawer with wave bottom, ideal for the storage of fruits and vegetables
  • LED lights bring a completely new lighting concept to fridges

Stay fresh longer: VitaFresh

One zone of VitaFresh comes with a low-temperature setting at around 0°C, in it, you can store fish and meat hygienically in a separate drawer. This prevents the transfer of odors as well as bacteria. The big drawer was specifically designed for fruit and vegetables, preventing moisture loss. Due to its special sealing, the inside of the drawer always maintains optimum humidity. It can easily be adjusted to the ideal freshness requirements in two settings. Simply said, VitaFresh fridges are the best way to keep vegetables and fruits fresh.

In case you have food that cannot be stored one day longer: before throwing it away, use it to create a delicious leftover meal.

You’re at the supermarket but you’ve forgotten to check the fridge to see what you need beforehand? Thanks to our two cameras in the fridge and Home Connect, that problem is history.

Here’s how it works: Two cameras are located on the inside of your fridge and take pictures of the food inside your fridge whenever the door is closed. In addition to sending high-resolution food images to your HomeConnect app, these cameras recognize the food and add it to your app’s inventory list together with a recommended expiry date. The app also reminds you of the expiry dates to avoid food waste. How very Bosch: more food to enjoy, less food wasted.

We’ve all struggled to fit everything in the fridge at some point or another. Well, you needn’t anymore: with our XXL 70cm fridges.

Space and flexibility are guaranteed due to the separate drawers for fish and meat. Both are fully removable, thanks to a convenient tablet construction. If removed, they not only create more space for pots or bowls but also allow fast cooling of bottles in the 0°C zone.

By doing so, the new VitaFresh system offers you more space than ever before to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer in the fridge. For more information contact or call 01707 878785





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Bosch KAD92HBFP American Style Fridge Freezer

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